Best Business Website Builders

Best Business Website Builders

With the majority of our past blog posts having been about website design, hopefully you’ve been able to learn a good amount. However, there is one are you supposed to get your website built in the first place?

Continue reading today’s blog post, and we’ll go over our favorite website builders: Webflow, WordPress, and Wix (in that order 😄). They are all super easy to learn, and no coding knowledge is required for any of them (although, it could be helpful in some instances). We’ll also go through some pros and cons for each of these website builders. 

We are Spire Marketing, one of the top Pensacola web design and digital marketing agencies, and we have a great deal of experience in all of these platforms.


Difficulty: Intermediate


Speed & Performance: Webflow sites load extremely fast. This is partially because they are hosted on the blazing fast Amazon servers (AWS). 

Design Capabilities: Webflow is very customizable. The amount of effects that you can add to a site (without even touching code) is incredible! Whether you are using a template or starting from scratch, you can make a Webflow site do basically anything that you want it to! 

SEO: Webflow sites are extremely SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. Not only does Webflow make it easy to input the necessary data for SEO, but it also uses very clean code. Clean code = faster loading speed = better search results.

We can even speak from our own personal experience. We built one of our clients a Webflow site and got them from the sixteenth page on Google search results to the first page within a month!

Easy For Client To Edit: For example, what if you didn’t build the site yourself? Instead, you outsourced to a web design agency to build it in Webflow and chose to do all of the site updates yourself. Well, Webflow is the perfect platform for this. It actually has a separate editor that a “designer newb” client can easily use to edit and add content without having to go in the more advanced editor that the designers used.


Not For Beginners/Learning Curve: Webflow does take a bit of time to learn. We’d probably place the difficulty level somewhere between the next two site builders (WordPress and Wix). There are an abundance of tutorial videos that Webflow has on YouTube though. We were actually very surprised at the amount of helpful information that they put out there for free!


Difficulty: Advanced


Insane Amount Of Plugins: There are over 54,000 high-quality plugins available to use for WordPress websites! If there is a certain theme or effect you want on your website, chances are that there will be a plugin available for exactly what you want. 


Difficulty For Beginners: While WordPress sites are extremely customizable, it is definitely not for most beginners. If you don’t know what you are doing while trying to update your site, you could also cause some issues with the security (more on that below 👇).

More Vulnerable To Hackers: WordPress also has a reputation for being more susceptible to hackers because it is an open-source platform. If you have a good amount of web design experience, you’re more likely to know ways to reduce the risks; however, for the average beginner, it might be a little more difficult to know the quality of their plugins and what red flags to look out for.

Plugins, Themes, And Firmware Need To Constantly Be Updated: You need to constantly stay up to date with everything on your site, especially if you are using more advanced plugins, themes, and firmware on your site. If you don’t stay on top of things, you become much more vulnerable as well.


Difficulty: Beginner


The Amount Of Free Templates: Wix has an insane amount of templates (over 500) all free! The templates have a wide range of themes for whatever industry you happen to be in, and they are all super customizable as well. 

Very Simple To Use/Pick Up On: Out of these three website builders, Wix is by far the easiest to learn. Even if you don’t go with a template and you have to build a site from scratch, dragging and dropping the elements you want is a quick and painless process. Webflow and WordPress sites are much more difficult to build from scratch if you don’t have much experience.


Less Customization: Although Wix is super easy for beginners, this does come at a cost. It is much harder to customize the site exactly how you want it. A beginner might be glad that all they have to do is pick a template and switch out the photos and text, but someone with more experience might get frustrated since they'll want to take things to the next level.

Poor Mobile Optimization: Wix websites are automatically mobile optimized, but it is only optimized for one standard mobile screen size in the editor. You can’t see what the site is going to look like on other mobile devices like a tablet or less popular smartphone. If you aren’t careful, certain parts of your site might end up looking too clunky - some parts of Wix sites even get cut off on mobile devices!

Where Can I Get Help Building A Site With One Of These Platforms?

This info may have been helpful, but we get it; you just don’t have the time to learn these platforms yourself. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to reach out to Spire Marketing!

We are a top Pensacola web design and digital marketing agency that has experience in all of these platforms! If you contact us, you will also receive a FREE strategy call!