Four Steps to Increase Website Traffic In 2021

Four Steps to Increase Website Traffic In 2021

Four Steps to Increase Website Traffic In 2021

As we mentioned in our last blog post, 2021 is the year for businesses to step up their online presence. This global pandemic has changed how businesses operate. It has really forced businesses to adapt their business models to allow for more online shopping and booking. For the businesses with well established sites, this is good news. Unfortunately, some businesses are still lagging a bit in this area. They have no idea how to go about getting more website traffic (and ultimately more customers) funneled through their website. 
In this article we are going to teach you four key methods that will help any business get more page views from their target market - methods that we are even implementing for Spire Marketing at the moment!

Utilize Social Media

Don’t underestimate how far social media can go in increasing your website traffic. If you have Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts, you can add your website to your bio, at the very least. When you post on these pages, you can also include links to your website in your caption. There are ways to do this naturally, without the link looking out of place. 
Social Media Profile With Website Link
See how Pexels has their site link right in their Instagram bio? With 79k followers, this will definitely increase their site traffic significantly!

You could also summarize one of your recent blog posts and include a link to the full post at the end of the caption. You could talk about a holiday sale you are running and then include a link to your sales page. There are many ways that your social media can help generate traffic to your website!

Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices take up 50% of web traffic worldwide! If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could be losing a substantial amount of customers, without even realizing it! If people have to pinch and scroll just to get around your site, for one, you’re basically telling them that your business is not up-to-date with the times. Secondly, you’ll probably be irritating any viewers on the site! They want quick access to your information. It shouldn’t be a hassle just to read your business’s contact info!

Have A Blog On Your Site

As we covered in our last post, blogs can make a huge difference in your site’s SEO (search engine optimization). They can help you build a loyal following, which will eventually have a snowball effect. Looking for content to post on your business’s social media accounts? Well, look no further than a blog! Even if you only post on your blog twice a week, if you share the post on your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts each time, that’s already six social media posts for the week - all with links back to your site! And if people are getting value from your posts, you can bet they will be sharing them too!

Write Captivating Headlines

Going off of our previous point about blogging, make sure that you write eye-catching headlines. The best blog posts will still go unread if the reader has no incentive to click on it. The writers for Buzzfeed and Upworthy actually write at least twenty different headlines before finally choosing one!

Where Can I Get Help With Getting More Customers to My Site?

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