How To Create An Effective Social Media Strategy

How To Create An Effective Social Media Strategy

As we said in our last blog post, getting on social media, especially the three platforms that we mentioned (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn), will do wonders for your business’s growth. But you can’t start randomly posting on these platforms with no clear game plan. 

Creating an effective social media strategy can be difficult. Read on as we explain three key things that go into our social media strategy for Spire Marketing and our client’s social media strategies! We are one of the top web design agencies in the Pensacola, Florida area, and we help clients all over the country build websites, create content, and leave a lasting digital footprint!

Define Your Target Market/Niche

First, you need to take a step back and look at who your target market is for your product/service. Then research where they are hanging out online. 

Are you targeting other business owners? If yes, are you putting most of your focus on LinkedIn?

Are you targeting millennials? Hop over to Instagram.

You get the point. Pick one or two main social media platforms and focus solely on them. 

This is a pretty straightforward idea, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to overthink your business’s social media strategy. It’s not hard to want to try to dominate on every digital sphere. 

You’ll always spread yourself (and your business) too thin if you try to be all things to all people.

Once you’ve got a clear plan for which platform you should be focused on, make your feed align well with your audience. Figure out your “niche.”

Look at our business, Spire Marketing, for example. Our Instagram feed has the target market of business owners; therefore, our niche is “business tips.” As you look through our feed, you’ll see that we post a lot of helpful quotes, branding advice, helpful resources, etc. 

Pick your niche and fully lean into it 👌🏻.

Develop Your Content Strategy & Plan

Once you have your “niche” totally figured out, the next step would be to figure out your plan of attack for the content that you will be posting. 

There are several strategies that should go into your content strategy/plan, such as:

  • Frequency of posting
  • Time of day that you will be posting
  • Type of content - photos, videos, copy, etc. 

This all goes back to narrowing down your target audience. 

Say your target is teenagers. You can probably guess that short video type content will perform very well since TikTok is all the rage these days. 

If you really are wanting to narrow down your strategy, you can even post when you know your audience will be the most available (anytime before or after normal school hours). 

You can also guess that you will want to post at a high frequency for a teenager since they consume so much content. 

This is a very broad example, and there’s a lot more that goes into a content strategy. It also takes a great deal of experimenting to see what performs well and what doesn’t. It can be super helpful to look at your “insights” that most social media platforms offer. 

At the end of the day, a strategy might look great on paper, but, if your engagement says otherwise, it’s time to scrap the idea and go with what works 😁.

Develop Consistent Branding

Your company’s brand goes so much deeper than just your logo. 

Your audience needs to instantly know that it’s you as they see one of your posts pop up in their feed. You can do this through several factors, such as:

  • Using the same fonts
  • Having a cohesive color scheme
  • Having a distinct photography style
  • Always using the same filters on your photography
  • Including your logo throughout your posts
  • Showing your face 

These are just a handful of ways that make it easy to buy some “real estate” in your potential customer’s heads without being overly “salesy.” 

If you have a consistent look and feel to your posts and if you are constantly posting, you WILL no doubt be the first person that your audience thinks of when they are needing your particular services.

Where Can I Get Help With My Social Media Strategy?

Contact Spire Marketing, a top Pensacola web design and digital marketing agency! We assist businesses in building and maintaining their dream websites and nailing their social media strategies! Contact us today, and you will get a FREE consultation with us as well!