How to Keep Your Small Business Open During COVID-19 Lockdowns

How to Keep Your Small Business Open During COVID-19 Lockdowns

How to Keep Your Small Business Open During COVID-19 Lockdowns

Keeping your small business open is vital for growth and success. This year, COVID-19 has taken a big toll on small businesses all around the world. At this time last year, hardly anyone was even close to being prepared for what was to come. There seem to be three common themes with the businesses that are still thriving right now. They 1) stayed connected with their customers, 2) sharpened and adapted their website, and 3) set up some sort of online store. Read on, as we clarify each of these steps that you can start to take TODAY!

Stay Connected With Your Customers

Let’s be honest, with everyone wearing masks all of the time, it can be tough to connect with people like you used to be able to! That is, if you’re even seeing them in person. Depending on what state you’re in, you might not even be open for people to come inside of your building! There are still quite a few ways that you can build a relationship with your clientele (and all perfectly legal 😁). Take a look at just a few of the possibilities:
  • Send out some mail! Who doesn’t like getting mail? And I know what you’re thinking: “I enjoy getting mail, but not junk mail!” Well, don’t worry because that’s not what we're recommending at all! Instead, why not just send out a friendly postcard? Let your customers know that they’re on your mind. You can be strategic and coordinate the cards with upcoming holidays, as well. A beautifully designed and thoughtful mailer can go a long way in showing someone that you care!
  • Take advantage of social media. Now is as good a time as ever to step up your social media game. Even if you only utilize three different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), that can still make a significant difference. Say you post five times a week on each platform (very doable with a social media manager); that’s fifteen total posts a week, all with the potential to reach new customers, as well!  Don’t forget to utilize the “story” feature. This feature is most well-known on Instagram, but quite a few other platforms use it, as well. The possibilities with this are endless, though. You can show some behind-the-scenes work that goes into your business. You can talk in front of the camera and give some live updates. You can answer some questions that customers might have. Overall, it is a great way to peak some interest and be a little more personable.
  • Write helpful blog posts. We have mentioned this quite a few times in our previous posts, but blog posts a great way to connect with your customers even further! You can only go so in-depth with your copywriting on social media, before you start to lose someone’s attention. Blog posts are your perfect place to dig a bit deeper and give some content to your more “loyal” fans. You can talk about what went into a new product you’re launching, write a comprehensive FAQ, and so much more! Not only are they a great way to build a stronger relationship with your clientele, but they will also boost your website traffic considerably. If you’re posting helpful info, chances are people will find it, as they search for similar subjects on Google!

Fine-tune Your Website 

If there was ever the perfect time to make sure your website is in tip-top shape, now would be the time! Even before COVID, 97% of search engine users looked online to find a local business. Imagine how much more that is increased! Here are list of things that every website needs to have:
  1. A CMS that’s easy to update
  2. A responsive design
  3. The ability to easily navigate
  4. Cohesive branding
  5. Good quality content
  6. A blog
  7. An obvious call-to-action
  8. Easily accessible contact info
  9. Links to your social media (preferably buttons)
  10. Security features

Setup An Online Shop, If Possible

Depending on what type of business you are, and where you are located, an e-commerce store store could definitely be worth looking into. One key to successfully running a business is making things simple, and hassle free for your customers. An e-commerce store is perfect for that since you’re basically giving people the ability to buy your product without even leaving their homes. And the nice thing is, you can even use your social media accounts and blog posts to drive traffic straight to your e-commerce store! 

Where Can I Get Help With All Of These Things?

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