Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors To Customers

Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors To Customers

Why Isn't My Website Converting Visitors To Customers?

You’ve most likely heard us say this in our previous blog posts, but we’re gonna say it again. 

You can have the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing website out there, but, if it’s not bringing your more customers, it doesn’t mean ANYTHING.

Read on to learn four big reasons why your website might not be getting you the customers that you want. We are Spire Marketing, one of the top digital marketing and web design agencies in Pensacola. These are all things that we assess and fix on the websites of our clients!

No Call-To-Action

Your website viewers need to know exactly what they’re supposed to do! 

It’s easy to forget that your website needs to serve a purpose! Are you wanting someone to book a consultation? Are you wanting people to subscribe to your newsletter? Are you wanting to sell a free trial for a service?

Whatever the purpose may be, make sure that you have prominent buttons placed in a logical area throughout your website design. 

Poor Copywriting

It should go without saying that you need to double (or even triple!) check that your website copy is free of any spelling or grammatical errors or misplaced punctuation! 

It's also easy to overlook some other issues as well like using too many “fluff” words! 

Your audience can see right through you, and you’re going to bore them! See this example from Ascend Business Growth

“As one of the leading companies in the nation, [Company] is your best choice as a partner because we understand your business. We offer you the convenience and efficiency of our centralized services, providing one-stop shopping to meet your needs. Our world-class technology services allow you to order online, produce high-quality documents, and receive products electronically.

At the heart of everything we do at [Company] is our commitment to your overall delight with our team and our services. We pride ourselves on promoting an atmosphere of concern and compassion for our customers and our fellow employees.”

Doesn’t that put you to sleep?!

If any of this website’s viewers made it past the first paragraph, they probably fell asleep!

Avoid boring copy with overused and cliché wording.

Lack Of Customer Testimonials

You might have brilliant website copy and a super easy to find call-to-action; however, things just still don’t seem quite right. 

It might be a lack of social proof. 

The truth is, people listen to other people’s experiences. 

Make it a priority to have previous customers write reviews of your services, and make sure that their reviews are prominent on your site!

Or, even better, get video testimonials! See an example of a video testimonial from one of our previous clients here.

Weak Sales Funnel

What exactly is your “sales funnel”? 

Well, it would be the process that your buyers go through before they make their purchase.

If any part of the process is missing or out of place, then this will without a doubt be a bit of a roadblock in the buying process. 

Here is an example of certain parts of an effective funnel:

Where Can I Get Help With These Website Issues?

If you are having any of these issues, don’t hesitate to contact Spire Marketing! We are a Pensacola-based digital marketing and web design business, and we’d love to be a help! Contact us right now for a free consultation!